Trauma Scene/Bio Hazard Assessment

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Trauma Scene & Biohazard Assessment

 Biohazard Assessment
Proper detection and removal of biohazards is critical to prevent exposure to infectious agents.

With TITAN Environmental's Trauma Scene and Biohazard Assessment program in CA, a trauma scene preliminary sampling survey or post remediation survey is conducted in order to make a determination of the degree of gross contamination of the site with blood traces and microbial contamination.

TITAN Environmental’s certified technicians recognize the potential hazard posed by all trauma scenes and employ all necessary precautions to minimize exposure to and the spreading of infectious agents and/or blood borne pathogens.

The California Trauma Scene and Biohazard assessment includes swab testing for microbial contamination (Hygiena UltraSnap Technology), visual inspection of the remediated surfaces and comprehensive survey report.

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