Titan Environmental
Titan Environmental

Sole-Source Acquisitions

Steps to 8(a) Sole-Source Contracting with TITAN Environmental

❶ Contact TITAN Environmental to discuss project details such as price estimates, timeframe, and technical requirements.

❷ Contact your Contracting Officer (CO) for assistance and provide a package that includes the requirements description, estimated period of performance, applicable NAICS code, and anticipated dollar value.

❸ Your CO will send an Offering Letter to the SBA requesting permission to conduct sole source negotiations with TITAN Environmental. The Offering Letter must include the following information:

  • A description of the work to be performed
  • The estimated period of Performance
  • The NAICS Code for the acquisition
  • A description of the work to be performed
  • The estimated period of Performance
  • The NAICS Code for the acquisition
  • The anticipated dollar value of the requirement
  • Any special restrictions or geographical limitations on the requirement
  • The location of the work to be performed for remediation procurements
  • Any special capabilities or disciplines needed for contract performance
  • The type of contract to be awarded, such as firm-fixed-price or time and materials
  • The acquisition history, if any, of the requirement
  • The names and addresses of any small business contractors that have performed on this requirement during the previous 24 months
  • A statement that prior to the offering no solicitation for the specific acquisition has been issued as an SB set-aside, or as an 8(a) set-aside, and that no other public communication (e.g., a notice in FBO) has been made showing the procuring activity’s intent to use either of these means of procurement
  • Identification of TITAN Environmental for award of a sole source 8(a) contract, including a brief justification for the nomination, such as:
    1. the Participant, through its own efforts, marketed the requirement and caused it to be reserved for the 8(a) BD program; or
    2. the acquisition is a follow-on or renewal contract and the nominated concern is the incumbent
  • A request, if appropriate, that a requirement whose estimated contract value is under the applicable competitive threshold be awarded to TITAN Environmental as an 8(a) competitive contract
  • Include a Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Include contact person’s name, telephone, E-mail address, physical address, and fax number.

❹ Please address the 8(a) Offering Letter to:
U.S. Small Business Administration
Attn: Gloria Gomez
200 W. Santa Ana Blvd., Suite 700
Santa Ana, CA 92701

❺ SBA will confirm eligibility of TITAN Environmental and authorize negotiations.

❻ Negotiations between TITAN Environmental and your CO begin.

❼ Have your CO prepare a contract award document and send to TITAN Environmental for signature.

❽ Upon contract execution, your CO can sign the contract and send it to the SBA.