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Microbial / Bacteria Testing

 Microbial Inspection
"The most effective approach for cleaning up contaminated surface water is to prevent further discharges from contaminated sources." - EPA

Contamination caused by a sewage system backup or broken drain pipe can cause extensive physical damage to your home or commercial building. Raw sewage contamination can cause a wide range of fungal, bacteriological, viral, and parasitic hazards. Proper inspection of carpets, tiles, walls, ceilings, crawlspaces and heating and air-conditioning equipment is required to prevent the transmission of bacterial contamination to other building areas.

Raw sewage contamination can also develop in surface water in a variety of ways. The most common causes include wastewater treatment plants, on-site septic systems, storm runoff, and raw sewage intrusion. As a result, pathogenic strains of bacteria can be transmitted from contaminated drinking water, foods, and animal-to-animal contact. These bacteria can cause illness, gastrointestinal distress, infections and a variety of diseases.

TITAN Environmental provides microbial bacterial testing and inspections in Orange County, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and all of California. We look for contamination in your home or commercial building. We also test for surface water intrusions and bacterial threats. Our highly trained environmental experts will conduct a visual review of the building or property, test for the presence of certain bacteria and prepare a comprehensive report providing recommendations for remediation.

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