Many Older U.S Homes Still Have Lead Paint

Construction Worker
It’s been illegal since 1978 to use lead based paint in homes but despite this this many older homes still have lead paint. It’s harmless if left undisturbed but home renovations and accidental disturbance on surfaces with lead paint can be hazardous to ones health. Below are a few tips to help keep your family and children safe when renovating. Lead-Safe Certification Make sure that contractors working on your home have lead-safer certification. Contractors who work on older homes are required to be lead-safe certified and follow strict regulations in order clean the dust properly and minimize exposure. Have Your Children Tested If you live in a home with lead based paint and have children you may want to have them tested for exposure. Even low levels of lead exposure can affect a child’s development including their ability to achieve academically and pay attention. Children should be kept out of areas that are being renovated in your home. The Details Work areas or rooms that are being worked on should be sealed off. Furniture and belongings should be moved before workers start work in order to minimize the dust from spreading. All waste should be disposed off according to EPA regulations. Make sure that the area is cleaned up thoroughly after the work is finished. Do you need lead paint testing services near Orange County, CA? Contact us for an appointment below.


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