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It is estimated that over three hundred thousand types of mold exist.

One of the oldest organisms on Earth, mold is a fungus — a spore-producing organism that feeds on organic matter. Fungi can grow on almost any substance and thrives anywhere where there is a moist environment.

A necessary part of the the natural environment, mold has the ability to destroy (decay) organic material such as leaves, grass and wood and contributes to the process of soil enrichment. It is this same process of mold growth and decay that can cause damage to your home, business or other structure.

Mildew and molds grow and feed on wood products, ceiling tiles, cardboard, wallpaper, carpets, carpet padding, drywall, fabric, insulation, and other organic materials. Because common building materials are capable of sustaining mold growth, growth in an indoor environment is typically related to water or indoor moisture. However, growth may also occur on flooring materials, such as concrete, when not adequately allowed to dry.

Fire and water damage, indoor plumbing problems, leaky roofs, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems can lead to mold growth. After a single incident of water damage occurs in a building, molds can begin to grow inside walls or under flooring, compromising the integrity of the building structure and health of the occupants. Complicating matters, the mold can become dormant until another incident occurs providing another source of moisture or water. This reactivation of mold can cause confusion about where and when the problem originated. TITAN Environmental’s staff takes a comprehensive approach to performing mold testing and inspections in Orange County CA. A thorough building and occupant history, followed by a detailed visual inspection to identify sources and conditions, form the basis of the investigation. Clear objectives and criteria are established before any sampling or analysis is undertaken to insure that useful and sensible data is generated in the complex arena of mold contamination. A wide variety of sophisticated field tools are used to help sample and identify the types of mold and the extent of mold contamination. The consulting staff uses the latest in field survey and monitoring equipment to provide exacting answers and solutions to a mold contamination problem. TITAN Environmental provides mold testing and inspection in Orange County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, Sacramento, Oakland, South Bay, North Bay, East Bay and more. Services include mold and microbial investigation and inspections, moisture intrusion isolation and investigation, air/bulk/surface sampling (viable and non-viable), remediation oversight and monitoring, and post remediation sampling. Our Certified Mold Inspector, Orange County area uses state of the art equipment to conduct all surveys.

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