Smoke & Soot (Black Carbon) Assessment

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Smoke and soot particulates effect your health, the air your breathe, and the environment.

Smoke and soot (also known as black carbon) is a fine-grained solid residue that results from incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons. Common sources of black carbon in your home include candles, residential cooking and heating stoves, and wood that has been burned in fireplaces and pits. Other environmental sources include diesel engines, industrial smokestacks and wildfires.

When the smoke and soot produced from a wildfire or other source enters the air, the soot particles are swept well beyond the area of origination and will condense on or be absorbed by the materials that they settle on. These black carbon deposits are commonly observed in homes and commercial buildings around ventilation grills, electrical outlets, and window sills. If not properly identified, these deposits can stain carpets, walls, furniture and cause other property damage. In addition, continued exposure to black carbon can cause chronic health conditions including pneumonia, stroke, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and lung cancer.

TITAN Environmental provides smoke testing and inspection services in Orange County, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Oakland, South Bay, North Bay, East Bay and all of California. Services include comprehensive site assessments to identify the potential sources of combustion, develop clean-up protocols, and perform post remediation assessments.

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