Study Shows Asbestos To Be An Underestimated Threat

Guy Hardhat
The ICOH reports deaths attributed to asbestos exposure to be greatly underestimated  globally. 39,274 people in the U.S and 222,321 worldwide died in 2016 from occupational asbestos-related diseases. These figures are significantly higher than previous estimates. One reason for this discrepancy is due to the fact that lung cancer cases attributed to asbestos exposure are not always identified as such. It is also difficult for medical staff to distinguish the difference between cases of lung cancer attributed to smoking vs asbestos exposure. Those who are smokers even more susceptible to developing lung cancer. The WHO estimates between 105,000 and 110,000 of deaths annually from asbestos related illnesses while the ICOH reports the number of yearly deaths to 222,321. However, some experts believe these numbers to be even higher as some countries may underreport deaths related to lung cancer. Contact us if you are interested in asbestos testing services in Orange County, CA.


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