The Danger Of Asbestos Still A Reality

The U.S Centers for Disease Control reports that many people are still dying from asbestos related cancer despite many years of strict government regulations designed to limit exposure.

OSHA regulates the amount of asbestos that workers can be exposed, The EPA regulates asbestos when it comes to removing, inspecting and renovating both commercial and residential buildings.  Asbestos parts can be found in many building materials including roofing materials, paint, insulation and popcorn ceilings.

Despite these regulations, the CDC reports that thousands of people are still dying anually due to mesothelioma and complications caused by asbestos exposure. Even inhaling asbestos fibres in small acounts can have detrimental affects decades later. The CDC is concerned that younger workers may still be getting exposed on the job.

Despite the production of asbestos being halted in the U.S, products containing asbestos including batteries and fertilizers are still being imported .

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