EPA Reports Paint, Dust & Soil As The Most Common Sources Of Lead

The EPA reports that dust, soil and paint as the common sources of lead. The study shows that there is no safe amount of lead in a child’s blood  and that all sources of lead exposure should be reduced for optimum safety. Exposure may vary depending on when the home was built, the child’s age and locality of the residence.

Another study conducted by EPA scientists shows that children living in older residences had the highest exposure to lead. 70% of lead for 1-6 year olds in the 90-100th percentile came from soil and dust. Another 20% of lead came from food and 10% from drinking water. The study also concluded that infants have a much higher exposure from lead found in water when compared with older children. The largest source of exposure to 1-6 year olds was soil and dust.

In order to conduct the above study, EPA scientists divided children into three age categories and assigned children into groups according to lead exposure. For each group they estimated the contribution from soil, dust, paint, food, water and air.

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