What Does Mold Grow On?

Mold can grow on almost any surface as long as moisture is present. This includes paper and wood products, fiberboard, drywall, carpet backing, ceiling tiles, insulation, fabric, upholstery paper, dust, wood, paints, and exposed soils.

Mold Testing & Inspection
Humid conditions and water damage can lead to mold formation. Physical symptoms from mold exposure may include headaches, an irritated throat, nasal irritation and more.
Mold can form as a result of water damage or humid conditions leading to contaminated wallpaper, carpet, ceilings and more. Our staff members will conduct a thorough and extensive mold inspection in order to identify sources and conditions.

We will come to your residence or commercial building and utilize top-of-the-line industry grade tools and testing equipment to identify and sample any potential mold. The latest monitoring equipment and field survey equipment is utilized in order to perform an accurate diagnosis.  Contact Us if you have any questions about our professional mold inspection services in California.