The Importance of Property Inspections, Orange County CA, Titan Environmental

One of the most reliable ways of finding out if your home contains asbestos is to have a professional inspect the property in detail. The process generally involves taking samples and testing them for traces of asbestos. The particles are invisible but can cause significant long term lung damage once inhaled. Finding asbestos in an older home may be more difficult unless the information has been disclosed.

It’s also a good idea to check for asbestos prior to conducting a major renovation since repairs can release encapsulated asbestos materials. Many homes built in the 80’s may contain asbestos in floor tiles, ceilings, pipes and pipe cement. Asbestos can also be released when insulation around older pipes break down.

Asbestos removal is the only permanent solution but may be dangerous and release particles in the air if not performed carefully. Two methods of analyzing asbestos are Polarized Light Microscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy. Areas with encapsulated asbestos material in good condition may not be hazardous but should be continuously monitored for safety reasons.

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