Indoor Air Quality, Orange County CA

Looking to improve your indoor air quality Orange County area? Most people assume that most of the pollution we breathe is from outdoor air. However, the EPA has found that pollutant levels can actually be two to five times as higher indoors compared to ourdoors.

The reason for the high level of pollution indoors is due to the fact that many modern buildings are built using many modifications in order to restrict air from escaping in order to conserve energy. This may include the use of storm windows or applying caulk. When we trap air in we unfortunately also end up trapping pollutants that are being generated by indoor resources. Long term to poor quality air may affect health and lead to long term health problems including asthma, breathing disorders and even cancer.

Titan Environmental provides indoor air quality testing for all Orange County residential and commercial buildings. On-site instrumentations are used to measure indoor pollutants. Contact us for indoor air quality inspection services Orange County area.


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