Lead Paint Testing - Santa Monica, CA

Need a professional company for lead paint testing in Santa Monica? Titan Environmental Solutions offers vast experience in property inspections. Lead paint has been banned in the U.S since 1977 and can no longer be used in residences or anywhere consumers may come in contact with the painted surface.
Lead Paint Assessment
Homes built before 1978 are likely to contain lead based paint. Exposure can lead to serious health issues, especially for children. Lead based paint that is disturbed during renovation can be hazardous.
Our Santa Monica lead paint inspection consultants are Cal/DPH certified in project site surveillance and provide comprehensive lead-based services. The XRF analyzer is utilized by our trained staff to accurately measure lead concentrations without damaging the paint surface. Services include paint chip sampling, lead wipe sampling, remediation design and waste stream analysis.
All local and federal regulations are followed in order to maximize safety. Our staff can also prepare a comprehensive report at the end of the project including notes and recommendations to prevent further exposure. Contact Us in order to find out more about our Santa Monica lead based paint testing and inspection services or give us a call at 888 -948-4826.