The Dangers of Mold In Your Home, Orange County, CA

Mold 1

One of the leading causes of mold in residential homes is a lack of moisture control. Check your homes for leaks if any. Previous leaks which were not cleaned up in a timely manner may also lead to future mold. Experts suggest drying wet areas within 2 days (preferably sooner) in order to prevent future problems. It’s also a good idea to clean and repair the roof gutters on a regular basis. Air conditioning drip pans should be kept clean since it is possible for mold to grow inside a HVAC system.  Indoor mold may cause health problems; some individuals may develop an allergic reaction such as red eyes, sneezing and even dermatitis.

Here are a few tips to help you reduce humidity and decrease the chances of spores growing inside your home. Use the bathroom fan when showering and open the door when finished for the moisture to escape. Open the windpw of possible. Try to keep your home ventilated as best you can by opening the doors.

Not all mold is visible; some mold is hidden but may emit an odor. Places where mold may hide include the back of flooring, dry water and carpet.

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