The Signs of Asbestos Related Illnesses, Orange County CA

Symptoms of asbestos related ilnesses may vary depending on the extent of damage to the lungs. Most people don’t exhibit any symptoms until decades after the initial exposure (It can take as much as 10-40 years for symptoms to arise). Individuals with pleural plaque may not show any symptoms at all.

Symptoms of health problems associated with asbestos exposure may include shortness of breath, fatigue and excessive coughing. Lung cancer symptoms may include a long lasting cough, pain in the chest area, fatigue, exceesive weight loss and lung infections. If you’ve had exposure to asbestos and hare having difficulty breathing consult your physician.

Asbestos can get stuck in the alveoli which are small sacks in the lungs; the asbestos irritate the lung tissue making breathing difficult. Cigarette smoking can aggravate the issue and result in faster progression of the negative symptoms.

Individuals who have worked in mining and manufacturing before the late 70s are at higher risk for abestosis. These include auto and aircraft mechanics, construction workers, electricians and railroad workers.

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